Preschool Graduation Day Crayola Factory Trip Andy Preschool 2013-2014 Andy’s Five Year Birthday Party
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Starbucks You Are Here

Here is my collection of mugs:


Preschool Graduation Day

Andy finished his last day of preschool with a picnic. We had ice cream, awards, gifts, and a piñata. It was a good close to a good year.


Crayola Factory Trip

We spent Memorial Day weekend at Crayola Factory in PA. We had lots of fun coloring, painting, playing, making our own crayons and markers, and learning how crayons are made. It was a good trip overall!


Andy Preschool 2013-2014

Andy got this cool book after graduating from PreK. Check out his autograph on first day of school and at end of book on last day. He definitely grew physically and mentally. So proud!


Andy’s Five Year Birthday Party

Andy had a great Lego themed birthday party with all his friends at his favorite park. We had over 20 kids show up but it all went off great. We were nervous about rain since it was scattered showers all day. In the end we were blessed with beautiful sunny weather. It was only until […]


Andy Completes First Full Workbook

Andy finished his first official full workbook. It was all about numbers via connect the dots and color by numbers from 1-70. He got very good at naming his colors by site words. He even got a cool certificate he filled out by himself.


Lexi’s 3yr Pictures

We got back Lexi’s 3yr pictures today! Aren’t they beautiful!


Fun in the Snow

It’s been another great year of snow here in CT. Already with at least a foot in past few weeks and another 3-5″ tomorrow. The children are loving it especially Andy. He loves to climb the snow mountains. We also made another maze which he loves going through. Today, we went sledding and had lots […]


Enjoying Jumpy Balls

Lexi and Andy got jumpy balls for Christmas from Auntie Megan and Uncle Tyler. They had fun throwing the balls around and playing together. Daddy had fun job of chasing them down. It was fun to apparently throw the balls out at Daddy Lexi had nice statically charged hair too.


Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day to everyone! The children opened their gifts this morning!