Our Company

Z|NET Development, LLC is a private company specializing in software and web development with a strong focus on usability and user experience. We believe first and foremost that the user is the most important aspect of any project. Just as requirements and use cases come directly from the user, we firmly believe that the user interface should also directly target the end user audience. Although a goal in many companies, it is often left to the wayside and determined less important. We vow to always hold usability and the user experience as the utmost priority. It is our passion to provide users with a product they feel comfortable and ease-of-use with. Only then do we find that users provide high retention and return rates.

Our primary expertise and experience is within Java-based solutions for software and PHP-based solutions for web design. Within Java, we are well versed in both standard (J2SE) applications and enterprise (J2EE) applications. We have experience with the complete stack from databases (MySQL, SQL Server) to DAO (data access object) layers via Hibernate, Spring, etc to user interfaces (Swing, AWT) and templating languages (JSF, JSP, Struts, etc). We use the most recent versions and features of libraries and the java language to stay up to date and provide the best solution possible.

Within web design, we leverage the power of PHP and MySQL for the backend (often through the LAMP [Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP] stack). For the frontend, we use the latest technology standards within HTML, CSS, and Javascript to provide a dynamic, yet easy to use interface. We utilize technologies such as Ajax to ensure the user experience is seamless, responsive, and highly performant.

Contact Information

To contact us, send an email to: info@znetdevelopment.com.